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Hello There!

My name is Nicole, and I am a freelance software developer, artist, and small business owner.

Though I have a professional background in engineering and software development, I find the greatest enjoyment helping beginning programmers turn their dreams into reality and expressing my own creativity through indie game design. I am a lifelong learner, a firm believer in the importance of finding your passion, and an advocate for taking small, daily steps towards accomplishing your goals.

Having such a busy lifestyle requires a fair bit of planning and time management. To stay organized, I am an avid bullet-journalist and stationary hoarder. Additionally, I run an Etsy shop selling planner stickers designed to make daily tasks a little easier.

This website helps me keep track of all my projects, blog about my experiences, and share my adventures with you every step of the way. I post about programming, art, crafts, miniatures, planning, organization, interior design, and my life in general!

As a 24-year-old newlywed, there are a lot of exciting life changes that I'd love to share with all of you! Be sure to follow me on social media and subscribe to my mailing list to never miss a post!