I really like Azone Doll bodies; I love how well their joints are hidden and naturally flow with their design. This results in a very posable, yet very aesthetically pleasing doll. I'm probably not alone with these opinions, as Azone Doll bodies are commonly used as posable alternatives for stock Blythes, Pullips, and other types of dolls.

However, full set Azone dolls can be quite pricey, which is a waste if you're just looking for a body or want to completely customize an entire doll. As a doll customizer, I didn't really want to spend over $100+ on a full set doll that would end up having the hair rerooted, faceup wiped, and clothes remade. Thankfully, Azone International does sell blank bodies separately. These can easily be purchased on Amazon, and are probably offered on other websites as well. I ended up purchasing a Pureneemo Flection S Size in NS (Normal Skin) and Picco Neemo S Body in WS (White Skin).

Unfortunately, Azone does not sell heads separately (at least not readily available to order online or in the United States to my knowledge). Thankfully, Obitsu is another doll company that offers a line of heads that are similar in size and aesthetics to the original Azone heads. Creating a hybrid Azone/Obitsu doll is not uncommon, however it can difficult to determine what size and colors match best between the two companies, since each company has variations in the colors of their plastics.

Look no further! Here's the ultimate guide to Azone/Obitsu skin color and size comparisons.

Here are the four items will be comparing today:

  • Azone Pureneemo Flection S Size in NS (Normal Skin)
  • Azone Picco Neemo S Body in WS (White Skin)
  • Obitsu 11cm Infant Head in WS (White Skin)
  • Obitsu 21 cm Female Head in NS (Normal Skin)

Its probably intuitive for most people to pick the smaller head for the smaller body, and vise versa. However, I almost ordered the wrong size head originally because I didn't realize there were 2 sizes available! So, this guide might seem like its stating the obvious, but I'm trying to be as clear as possible to help out new people in the hobby.

size comparison

Here is the comparison. As expected, you can see that the 21 cm Obitsu head works best on the Azone Pureneemo body, and the 11 cm Obitsu head is a great size for the Azone Picco Neemo body. I also figured I'd swap the two and see what happens; The smaller 11 cm Obitsu head is too small and out of proportion for the Azone Pureneemo body. However, the 21 cm Obitsu head is passable for the smaller Azone Picco Neemo body. I would still recommend going with the 11 cm head. Only get the 21 cm head for the smaller body if you specifically want a more cartoonish feel or chibi-esque build.

I also want to note that since these heads are not designed to fit on these bodies, you will need to do a little mod work to get the heads attached properly. The holes in both of the Obitsu heads are the same size in diameter. However, this hole size is too small for the Azone Pureneemo body, and too big for the Azone Picco Neemo body. Mod work will be required either way. I plan on making a blog post on these mods, so check back later for it!

Now, the skin comparison. First, let's match up the Azone and Obitsu skin colors, as one would expect.

color comparison

The Obitsu NS head is pretty much a perfect match to the Azone NS body. However, the Obitsu WS head is a little more pale and yellow in hue to the Azone WS body. (The Azone WS body is a little more pinkish). However, I would still consider this a pretty good match. Its not perfect, but its not a big enough difference to bother me.

Now, let's try switching up the WS and NS.

color comparison

You can see that the Obitsu WS head is much too pale compared to the Azone NS body. I would not recommend this combination. However, the Obitsu NS head is actually a pretty good match to the Azone WS body; Just as good as the Obitsu WS head! This time the head is just a little darker and more pink than the body. Therefore, if you have an Azone WS body, both Obitsu skin colors are good matches and you can purchase either.

Well, there you have it! Hopefully you have all the information you need now to make an Azone/Obitsu hybrid to your liking. I'll be sure to post photos of my finished hybrids once I finish the faceups and complete the dolls!