all my dolls

I've been itching to make progress on my dolls lately, so I figured it would be good to introduce everyone to my current dolls and projects! I have a horrible habit of starting more things than I finish, so most of these are works in progress. Although, I think at this point I have enough different types of ongoing projects that I'll always be able to find something to work on without needing to start something new.

Anyways, onto the dolls:

I first got started in the doll hobby through Monster High dolls. This Skull Shores Ghoulia was actually my first ever attempt at a custom. I removed her faceup, sanded the seams and text off her body, and rerooted her head with nice sandy-peach colored nylon doll hair. ...Unfortunately, I ran out of fiber just as I was finishing up the top of the head, leaving her with a little bit of a thin/bald spot. Its not bad enough to be considered a disaster, but I do think I would like to completely redo her hair again. She is also in dire need of a faceup.

custom ghoulia

Additionally, I thought it would be cool to make customized stands for my dolls. The base could be a stack of books, a flower in bloom, or any number of cool themes. I decided to first make a little mock up stand to ensure that the chunk of clay would be heavy enough to support the doll. It worked. Once I get her character more developed, I will be making a customized doll stand for her as well as my other MH dolls.

While we're on the topic of Monster High, this is my other work in progress doll, a Cleo de Nile.

custom cleo

This doll has been the victim of quite a few 'experiments', which have mostly failed.

First, I wanted to find a way to make the Monster High doll heads easily removable. I ended up removing the plastic neck joint and replacing it with a peg and wooden bead. This actually works pretty well, although the head can no longer look up and down.

In an attempt to find a better solution, I cut off the back of her head to make it removable, similar to the head caps on most ball jointed dolls (bjds). This allowed for easy access to the neck piece from inside the head, allowing for a more complicated neck mechanism. However, I quickly realized that getting the head cap to stay on the head was nearly impossible. ...Eventually I gave up and just glued the head piece back in place. (No easy task, since most glues don't work on vinyl). I also forgot to put saran wrap over her head before making her wig cap, so i ended up just gluing her hair straight onto her head. Oops.

Thus, this is my experimental doll with whom I have no fear messing up. I might try to make her antlers, or wings, or some other type of crazy mod just to play around. Either way, she still needs a lot of work before being considered complete.

Next up, we have my Azone (body) and Obitsu (head) hybrid dolls. I haven't done too much work on these two, so they are still blank slates.

azone and obitsu dolls

I've started working on a faceup for my PureNeemo, but the colors are still not as bold and vivid as I would like, so it needs more layers. The hair is also greasy and gross feeling, so it could use a good wash and style. Lastly, the holes in the head are either too small or too large to fit onto the bodies, so I will need to either mod the joints or find some other solution. You can read a little more about the hybrid compatibility in my other article, Azone and Obitsu Skin Color and Size Comparison.

This here is my ball jointed doll, a Fall in Doll Rose. I've affectionately named her Robynn.


This doll is made from ABS plastic and was ordered from She is a ball jointed doll, strung together with elastic cord. This means she has a very wide range of motion and is fun to pose. I have worked on this doll a lot and finally have her in a somewhat 'complete' state. She has eyes, a faceup, a wig, clothes, and a name. ...However, I'm not all that pleased with her final look. The faceup ended up much darker and more intense than I originally wanted, eventually leading me to make a more intense wig to match. I'd like to redo her and give her a softer, more sweet appearance.

...And my last doll, a Dal.

Dal doll

This one is still in the box, so I don't have much to say about it, except that I had scoured Tuesday Morning stores for several months before I was finally lucky enough to find one in stock. I have wanted a Pullip doll for quite a long time, so I am beyond excited to finally have her little sister, the Dal. If I end up liking the aesthetic of this girl, then I might just go ahead and order a Pullip. My plan is to fully customize this doll and maybe put her on an Azone body. Not 100% sure yet.

Finally, there are a few doll related projects that are not dolls. If you read my other blog post, you know that I have been enjoying making wigs from plant fiber.

Wig making supplies

However, I have also wanted to try my hand at making doll eyes. I made a few out of polymer clay before, but I wasn't very happy with how heavy and dull they looked compared to glass and acrylic eyes that I have bought. So, I'm currently in the process of making some silicone molds and casting eyes from resin.

eye mold

And last but not least, I love miniatures and small cute things. I found these book boxes at a discount store and thought it would be cute to make dioramas in a book. I might even try to make little clay or cloth dolls to go along with the sets. I think it would be so cool to display these on my bookshelf once finished.

book box

So that's all my dolls and projects! I have plenty of things to keep me entertained and I'm looking forward to sharing my progress with all of you! Let me know if you have any of these dolls or similar experiences in the comments below!