This article is part of my “How to Make Planner Stickers to Sell on Etsy” guide.

Planner stickers come in all shapes and sizes; and not just for the Erin Condren Life Planner! In this article, I will be discussing some of the most common planners and the types of stickers that are typically used within them. While this guide is meant to educate you on the most common types of stickers available, I urge you to be creative and experiment with new sticker designs, uses, and sizes!

Please note that some of these sizes are only precise to the 1/10th of an inch measurement. You may need to fine tune some of the smaller details to get your desired results.

Additionally, the dimensions listed below are based on the 2016-2017 versions of all referenced planners. These measurements do not account for the extra padding needed for bleed and cut variations during production. A future article about how to print and cut planner stickers will cover this concept in more detail.


Erin Condren Life Planner (Vertical Layout):
It goes without saying that the Erin Condren Life Planner is the most popular planner when it comes to stickers. This planner is available in two different formats: vertical and horizontal. Most of the planner stickers you will find on Etsy are designed specifically for the EC vertical layout. The signature features of an Erin Condren Life Planner are the three stacked boxes for each day of the week, a sidebar area for note taking, and a thankful thought box in the upper left hand corner.

  • Headers – The colored boxes on top of each section are referred to as headers. These stickers are generally 0.25”x1.5”.
  • Full Boxes – These stickers fill an entire boxed section. Designs on full boxes tend to be either completely decorative, filled with a quote, or a checklist. A standard full box is 1.5”x1.9” tall.
  • Half Boxes – Half box stickers obviously fill only half of a boxed section. Typically, these stickers are used as a writing area or a smaller version of a checklist. An exact half box is 0.95”x1.5”, however you could also just round up to an inch and be fine.
  • Appointment Labels – Anything smaller in height than a half box is generally referred to as an appointment label. Variations of appointment labels include empty boxes for writing, solid colored boxes with icons in them, or even contain pre-written text. These stickers can be as tall or as short as desired and are often a reflection of the designer’s personal taste.
  • Date Covers – Sometimes, people will want to cover the pre-printed date at the top of the page to match the rest of the page. To ensure the entire number is covered, the sticker should be at least 0.5”x1.5” tall.
  • Sidebar Stickers – The sidebar is generally a little smaller in width than the standard daily boxes. Regular full boxes will still fit in the sidebar, however if you want to be exact, the width is technically only 1.44” wide. Stickers designed for the sidebar can be as tall in size as desired.
  • Thankful Thought Box – The entire thankful thought box is 1.44”x1.75”.
  • Bottom Washi – It is very common for people to cover the lined portion at the bottom of each day. Some people like to just extend their daily vertical section, and others cover it completely with one big washi sticker. Washi stickers for the left page should be at least 1.125”x4.75” and for the right page should be at least 1.125”x6.375”. Please not that this measurement is for the stickers to extend from the bottom of the boxes down to the last line. If you would just like to just cover the lines themselves, you could reduce the height anywhere down to a minimum of 0.875”.
  • Weekend Banner/ Double Box – The weekend banner should extend two boxes wide, thus needing to account for the gap between them. The width of a double box/weekend banner is 3.125”.
  • Miscellaneous – Other common miscellaneous stickers include flag checklists, functional icons, and decorative elements. These can be any dimension you would like and once again reflects the aesthetic of the designer. Be creative and have fun!


Erin Condren Life Planner (Horizontal Layout):
As mentioned above, the Erin Condren Life Planner is also offered in a horizontal format. Although less common than the vertical, it is not unusual for shops to offer planner stickers designed for this layout as well. The weekly pages in this format feature long horizontal sections with lines, spanning about three quarters of the way across the page. Each day also has a blank section towards the right hand side of the page. Because there is much less structure in the design of the horizontal grid, most stickers can be as short/tall and narrow/wide as you prefer, as long as they stay within the 1.63” height.

  • Full Box – The blank box area to the right of each day is generally referred to as the full box. This area is 1.5”x1.63” tall.
  • Weekend Banner/Double Box – To vertically span two days for the weekend, a sticker must be at least 3.69” tall.


The Happy Planner:
The Happy Planner is sold by the company Me & My Big Ideas, and is available for purchase at craft stores such as Hobby Lobby and Michaels. This planner has a weekly layout very similar to the vertical Erin Condren; the main difference being that the boxes in the Happy Planner are noticeably taller. The Happy Planner also comes in a variety of subtly different designs, usually in regards to some boxes having standard 0.25” headers, others having a much smaller divider, and still others only having a very tiny one pixel line. Another key feature of the happy planner is its disc bound system, which makes it easy to remove pages while writing on them. Because the dimensions are so similar to the Erin Condren vertical planner, you can use most of those measurements as a rule of thumb.

  • Full Boxes – A standard full box is generally 1.5”x2.25” tall. This leaves room for a 0.25” header.
  • Sidebar Stickers – Instead of a thankful thought, the Happy Planner has a calendar in the top left corner of the page. To fully cover this calendar, I recommend using stickers that are 1.5” wide for the sidebar.
  • Date Covers – There are wide variety of designs available for the Happy Planner, so you may need to make stickers up to 0.75” tall to fully cover the pre-existing dates.


There are many companies that sell ring bound planners. These planners are more or less just fancy six ring binders that can hold hole punched papers. They are typically available in two different sizes: A5 and Personal. Filofax is one of the oldest and most popular ring bound planner companies, however others include Webster’s Pages, Kikki-K, and Recollections. There are plenty of shops on Etsy that sell weekly inserts designed for these types of planners. Among them, it is quite common that they are created with the Erin Condren vertical layout in mind, allowing customers to take advantage of the wide variety of EC stickers available. Thus, you should reference the dimensions listed for the Erin Condren Life Planner (vertical layout). You should also be aware that personal sized planners have very small pages, approximately 3.75”x6.75” in size. For this reason, many people prefer very tiny stickers for use in these size planners.


Bullet Journal/ Hobonichi Techo/ Diary:
This last category of planners is less specific; it covers a style of planning that is very free-form and meant for rapid, everyday use. Essentially, all three of the planners listed above are more or less just standard notebooks. The Bullet Journal is dot grid notebook, the Hobonichi Techo uses dated grid paper, and obviously a diary is just a general term for a daily journal. Each of these planners allow for a wide range of graphs, layouts, and planning styles to be used. I would highly recommend checking out the official Bullet Journal website for more information on this style of planning if you are unfamiliar with the concept. Generally, fans of this style of planning decorate their pages with hand drawn calligraphy, lettering, and doodles of various flags and symbols. However, it is not uncommon for stickers to be used, especially “diary stickers”, a term generally referring to cute little stickers that convey emotions and everyday activities. Stickers that have numbers, days of the weeks, and the names of the months are also popular choices.


There are so many planners available on the market today that it would be impossible to cover them all. I’ve tried to include the most popular and varied options available. I sincerely hope that you have found this guide helpful and I once again urge you to use this guide loosely, be creative, and to always fearlessly experiment with new sticker ideas!

If you find any errors in my measurements, please let me know!