Every artist knows the struggle that comes along with getting a new sketchbook. It usually goes something like:

  1. Obtain a glorious, beautiful, new sketchbook.
  2. Gaze upon it's perfection for extended lengths of time.
  3. Finally build up the courage to draw in it.
  4. The drawing does not live up to expectations, and now the sketchbook is ruined. Toss it onto a shelf to be forgotten about, and to live out its days among the dozens of other half used sketchbooks that you already have.

The struggle is real.

For someone that has been drawing their whole life, I finally realized how sad it was that I have not yet completed my first sketchbook. It took a lot of sketchbook tours on YouTube to finally convince myself that having a messy, unfiltered, imperfect sketchbook is a vital step in the learning process, and quite frankly, it embarrassed me that I did not have the self confidence and maturity as an artist to accept that I sometimes draw ugly things.

I was so scared of needing to keep my bad drawings *gasp* that literally drawing in a sketchbook was debilitating. ...which I feel like is way more embarrassing than the bad drawings themselves.

That being said, to kick myself into gear I decided to do the One Week Sketchbook Challenge!

The challenge itself is very simple: complete a sketchbook in one week.

That's it.

No fancy rules. You can make it as easy or difficult on yourself as you'd like. Draw on one side of the paper, or both. Choose any sketchbook you'd like with any number of pages. It's all up to you.

Myself? I chose a 30 page sketchbook with basic paper, and only committed to drawing on one side.

To see the results of the challenge, check out my results in the video below!

Have you tried the one week sketchbook challenge? Let me know!