As the New Year approaches, you may be thinking about your resolutions for 2019. Planning to hit the gym more often or only eat organic food? Before you set goals for the next twelve months, it can be helpful to reflect on the year you’ve had so far. Especially if you didn’t stick to your resolutions last year, introspection can help you determine why you may not have been able to accomplish your goals.

That's why I will be dedicating several pages in my new 2019 bullet journal for these self-reflection questions and activities from Shari’s Berries! These activities are great as both inserts in your planner or journal, or simply as text prompts to be answered. I found the questions to be very thought provoking and helpful for honing in on issues.

I will totally be doing the 30 Day Self-Reflection Journal Challenge, as well as some other prompts on the page.

I thought I'd go ahead and share my first question and answer, to help you get started too. Let me know your answer to this question in the comments section below!


Discuss three major goals you accomplished this year.

I really like this question, because it forces me to see the good in what was otherwise a difficult year.

This past year was my hardest ever, between the birth of my first child, the unexpected issues that followed, and moving across the state to purchase our first house. Needless to say, a lot of my personal endeavors had to be put on the back burner and my year was not as fruitful as initially planned.

Now, the obvious answer to this question for any reasonable person would be that I (1) payed off all my debt, (2) gave birth to a healthy baby, and (3) bought a house - all huge milestones in life.

However, these were all events that my husband and I have been on track for doing for the past few years, things that already had a lot of work put into them. I would prefer to look deeper and find three personal goals for the past year. After all, you only get out of self-reflection what you put into it. I encourage you too to dig deeper and find three goals that help propel your life in the right direction.

So, upon digging deeper, here are my three accomplishments of the past year:


1. My Etsy shop was growing, and open until May.

Although I had initially planned to reopen in June (it's still not open...), I need to appreciate all the work that went into the shop leading up to May. Business was growing, and I am proud of myself for fulfilling so many orders while extremely pregnant and uncomfortable. It was the best first half of the year I've had, of all the years I've been open! I look forward to opening it again once my office is setup in our new house.

2. I am less of a perfectionist.

I have been known to have a bad habit of needing things to be perfect before I complete them - whether it be a new website, blog post, or video. As all moms probably know, you no longer have time to be a perfectionist once you have a little one around. I find that I care much less about making things perfect and much more about just making progress. This is a good thing.

3. I finished and opened

It's been a goal of mine to create a forum website for the planning community. Earlier this year, I was able to finish and open; and while it's pretty quiet over there at the moment, now that the website is open and all the heavy lifting is done, all it needs is some attention and content to grow into what I think will be a planner's paradise.


Thanks for all your support this past year, and I wish you a strong start to your new year with the other self-reflection questions!