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Websters Pages Color Crush A5 Planner Unboxing
I guess you could say that I've officially started my planner journey today, considering my very first planner ever has arrived. So what did I choose to buy on this momentous occasion? I ended up purchasing the Websters Pages Color Crush A5 Planner
How to Make a Big Wooden Mr and Mrs Sign
Big letters for your wedding can be expensive... so why not make them? In this article, I'll show you I made a very big, beautiful Mr&Mrs sign for my wedding!
My Planner Journey: What I Used Before my Planner
Truth be told, I actually used to really hate planners; and I don't mean a simple distaste for them. I actively despised the thought of them for most of my 23 year old life.
The Trials and Errors of Etsy Planner Sticker Making
Sticker making is serious business! How hard could it be to print and cut a few stickers? Apparently harder than I initially thought; Here's what I've learned.
Free Baby and Pregnancy Clipart
I'm expecting! My husband and I could not be more excited! As a way of celebrating the good news, I'm sharing some FREE baby and pregnancy themed clipart. These graphics feature a pregnancy test, pacifier, bottle, and diaper.
My Birth Story - Part 2 - 14 Hours of Transition?
I didn't even care that the epidural wasn't working and that I could I feel contractions. I just wanted it to be over. 5 days of painful contractions, only about 12 hours of sleep total since Tuesday, starving... I just wanted that baby out and fin
My Birth Story - Part 1 - Prodromal Labor
Despite all my research and preparations, almost every piece of my labor seemed to fall outside the standard deviation of what was considered normal. My experience left me exhausted, confused, and less in control than I had ever felt in my life – a