I have been sewing more than ever these past few months and I don't expect to be easing up anytime soon. At least I hope not, because my fabric stash is overflowing (I may have gone a little crazy last year collecting and hoarding fabrics).

Last year was exciting - I acquired a serger and coverstitch machine, started sewing knit clothing, and dived head first into the world of pattern making. I am certainly not an expert, but I have been having so much fun learning new skills and techniques and I can't wait to continue building my experience in the coming year.

I thought it would be fun to share my sewing plans for the year, because who doesn't have a running list of things they'd like to make? I've wrote down a list of 10 things I'd like to sew in 2023. 

Do you have a list too? Leave a comment on this article with your sewing plans and we can discuss all the awesome projects you have planned for the year!

Without further ado, my sewing plans for 2023:


1. Flower Girl Dress

My brother is getting married this year and my nearly 3 yr old daughter is going to be the flower girl. Is there anything more fun than making dresses for little kids?  Seriously, it's not everyday that there is an occasion to make a formal dress for an adorable toddler. There was no way I wasn't going to at least attempt to design and create a boutique dress.

Even if I don't end up actually using the dress in the wedding, rest assured knowing that I will have fun every step of the process. Just thinking about all that lace and tulle gets me excited.


2. Upcycle Thrifted Items

I have a huge stack of clothing that either no longer fits, or that I thrifted intentionally with the plan of modifying. Some of these pieces I kept solely for the fabric and want to turn into something totally new; Others need to be taken in or just have minor adjustments (such as adding pockets!); And some are simply too beloved to throw away and I want to keep them as inspiration to remake in a larger size or luxury fabric.

This pile of clothing has started to grow out of control, so I am eager to get this under control.


3. Finish Existing Works in Progress

Okay, so this isn't really one single item.  I have no less than 10 projects all started that are just sitting around on various surfaces in my craft room. I am tired of them taking up space, both mentally and physically.  As a serial project starter and never finisher, I'd like to focus on change this year and actually get into the habit of finishing a project before moving onto something new.

On my work table is a vintage baby dress with a singed skirt that I planned on repairing, two in-progress quilts, pillows I bought for the couch that still need covers... the list goes on.

I will be overjoyed to see these move to the complete pile.


3. Lots and Lots of Bags

One of my favorite things to sew are bags. In fact, the catalyst that caused my interest in sewing to skyrocket last year was a bag that I designed and made my grandmother-in-law.  I think one of the reasons I find bags so exciting is because I enjoy the challenge of working with zippers, pockets, and hardware.

I also have a fairly minimalist and boring fashion style, so making bags allows for more fun patterns and colors of fabric to be used.

This year, I have plans to make sewing patterns for a variety of bags, including a skincare organization bag, quilted duffle bag, toiletry travel bag, toddler backpack, and more! I also have some quirky ideas for novelty bags that I'd love to bring to life.


4. Athletic Tops

I have become a obsessed with health and fitness over the past year. I went from essentially being a couch potato to going on 5 mile hikes every morning and I love it.  Getting my blood pumping in the morning sets the whole day up for success.

This year, I'd love to play around with performance fabrics and make my perfect workout tops.  Athletic wear is not something I've attempted in the past, so I'm excited to give it a go.  I also have my newly acquired coverstitch machine to achieve a professional finish.


6. Midi and Maxi Skirts

I'm not sure if midi skirts are still as trendy as they were the past few years, but the in-and-out styles have never stopped me from wearing what I like anyways. I love a good midi skirt and have a couple fabrics in my stash that I bought specifically with the thought of long skirts in mind.

It's been hard to make clothing for my wardrobe lately because of my ever changing pregnancy and postpartum sizes, but skirts are pretty forgiving and can easily been taken in later when I get back into shape.


7. Colorblocking

I think colorblocking is one of my favorite stylistic details on clothing.  Because I shop deadstock fabrics most of the time, it can be difficult to find the exact same fabric in multiple colors to actually achieve this look.  They do occasionally pop up from time to time though...

I definitely don't need to buy more fabric, but if I do, it would be for colorblocked clothing.


8. Daily Tailoring

When I say daily tailoring, I don't actually mean tailoring something every day.  Instead, I mean taking my day-to-day clothing and tailoring it to fit me. 

I have a few t-shirts in my wardrobe that were always slightly too big or that fell awkwardly in the wrong spots. I think it would be such a freeing feeling to improve my tailoring skills enough that I can feel extra confident in ready to wear clothing.

My husband has also expressed interested in having his shirts brought in around the hips and some other areas, so I think it would be awesome to share this skill with the rest of my family as well.


9. Seasonal Couch Pillows

Okay, so this is probably the most boring sewing plan, but I have had four couch cushions sitting around in our basement for over 2 years now.  I had always intended on making trendy, cute, seasonal cushion covers that I can rotate out for the holidays.

I think cushion covers are a great, simple project that can allow for maximum creativity.  Playing around with trims, patterns, embellishments, and more will be a lot of fun!

10. Quilted Jacket

Finally, we have a trendy item: quilted jackets.  These have been in style for a while now but I have only recently hopped on the bandwagon. I have two old pill shams that came with a quilt that we use for our guest bed that I know we will never actually use for pillows.  Rather than tossing them, I think they would be perfect for making into a toddler sized quilted jacket.

The thought of cutting into a real quilt terrifies me, so cutting into a mass manufactured pillow sham is a good introductory project.



I'm not sure I'll have time to finish all of these projects this year, but I will sure be trying!

Don't forget to let me know your sewing plans for the year below too!