My name is Nicole, and if you found my website, chances are we have something in common.  Are you creative? Do you have a blog or social media presence? Looking to chat about something I posted?

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I started my blog back in 2016 when I primarily shared how-to articles and tutorials for making planner stickers. Since then, I've bought and renovated a fixer upper, had 3 children, gained an interest in sustainable fashion, and strive to live each day as intentionally as possible.

This website was designed and built from the ground up by myself. It is my personal blog where I post snippets of knowledge from my many niches, updates on projects, and free content that I hope inspires others.

I am always interested in growing my community of friends, followers, and fellow creators. While I can't always guarantee a speedy reply, I can guarantee that I read all messages and try to respond as soon as I can.



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